Expert Developers & Professional Service

with over 15 years experience in software development

Agile Approach

client involvement at every step

Fixed or Flexible Pricing

tailored to your organisation

Clean, Maintainable Code

using industry standards

Long Term Support

making solutions last

About Us

Live Branch Studios is a business located in Northern NSW specialising in Agile software development and Interactive Multimedia.

Our Services

Live Branch Studios offers a range of services including the development of web applications, desktop and mobile applications, interactive multimedia and data integration systems. We have expertise in a range of development platforms and languages.

Keep it simple

Our aim at Live Branch Studios is to make applications intuitive and easy to use. Systems are complex but interfaces don't have to be.

Works Everywhere

We choose frameworks and libraries which ensure that our software works across all common browsers, operating systems and devices.

Great Performance

An advantage to specialising in interactive multimedia is that we optimise code to run fast.

Clean Code

All our software adherts to a code style guide and uses industry best practices. We use the MVC architecture which makes projects well structured and easy to maintain.